For information on how HOPz can strengthen your neighborhoods, and provide more desirable, affordable housing, please visit
Tell us about distressed Properties or Landlords in your community. Information is held in confidence. Please call Jay Wolfkind at (732) 741-2000, ext. 11 (answered “Cherokee”).
A HOPz member bought this property, then gutted and totally renovated it inside and out. Today this former eyesore is home to 3 families.  It’s well maintained, and the taxes are always current.
This restoration was completed in less than a year, with no public money. HOPz’s activities will convert many more derelict properties like this into productive, desirable properties.
If you know of properties in your community that would benefit from this type of metamorphosis, help that neighborhood, and your community, by alerting Jay Wolfkind at HOPz. Call (732) 741-2000, ext. 11 (answered “Cherokee”).
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