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 Better Neighborhoods and Affordable Housing ... Nationally

The mission of Housing Opportunity Programs (HOPz®) is to stem neighborhood and community decline, and concurrently produce more affordable housing. HOPz is a small organization, and we operate only in Central New Jersey.

The housing issues faced by the New Jersey communities served by HOPz are obviously common to many communities throughout America. Therefore, in addition to our hands-on rehabilitation activities in New Jersey, our larger mission is to contribute to similar solutions elsewhere. We'll reach this goal by:


Developing, testing and refining a "best practice" model of what HOPz does;


We'll formalize these "best practices" in a series of "teaching tools", printed and multi-media materials that can be studied by other housing advocacy organizations and agencies nationally, and implemented in their communities. Then we'll ...


Become a vocal advocate for the promotion and adoption of this Affordable Housing Infill Development Plan, providing information and support to others.

This set of "instructions" will be thoroughly described in a step-by-step program called "Best Practices of Affordable Housing Infill Development". 

Best Practices of Affordable Housing Infill Development
This "plan" will describe, step-by-step, how almost any organization can form partnerships to produce affordable housing in their communities ... by locating candidate properties, analyzing them physically and financially, acquiring acquisition and renovation funding, bid and manage the actual re-construction work, and obtain necessary permits.

This practical, proven program will be made available, at no charge, to any and all interested individuals and organizations. Our objective is to offer a comprehensive roadmap to others. We hope this will result in other organizations doing in their communities what HOPz does in Central New Jersey.

This "best practices" material will never be "done". It will be an ongoing process of exploration and refinement. There can never be a single "best practice" for every locality or situation, only a series of likely solutions and evaluation metrics. We welcome the constructive review, comments and participation of virtually any individual or organization that can contribute to the breadth and depth of our educational efforts.

Ultimately, we hope this material will catalyze community-based "Rehabilitators" throughout America to do what we do, which is to turn dilapidated residential properties into safe, desirable, affordable housing, that contributes to their neighborhoods economically and socially.

Here are some of the areas "Best Practices of Affordable Housing Infill Development" will address:

Partnerships between Local Charities & Local Contractors
The core activities we implement to achieve our mission are to Identify, Finance, Acquire and Renovate dilapidated 1-4 family houses.  Most existing community-based social service organizations do not have the business, administrative and construction expertise necessary to acquire and renovate distressed properties, nor our systemic approach to creating partnerships that can.

We will try to change that, by promoted a proven model that can be adopted by community-based housing and social service organizations nationally.

We anticipate having a first draft of our
"Best Practices of Affordable Housing Infill Development" document complete during the Fall of 2003. At that time we will approach other organizations seeking their review, comment, and cooperation in distributing the material.  

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Information Technology Tools
Information technology ("I.T.") is one of the most powerful enabling tools available to social service organizations to help reduce the administrative costs of providing services, enhancing the effectiveness of your people, and furthering the mission of your organization.

We use the term "I.T." to broadly describe all the "computer" hardware, software, networks, and related practices, that together facilitate greater productivity and communication.

As part of our "best practices" program development, we'll describe the generic and specific information technology we use to identify, finance, acquire, renovate and manage properties. We will also identify the providers of these enabling information technologies, and salute those who make these tools available at reduced costs for social service organizations.

Promotion & Support
We're not naive enough to believe that the publication of our "Best Practices", in whatever form, to whatever fanfare (or lack thereof),  will do much good, no matter how good it might be. It must be promoted, distributed, and explained. The plans must be described in the context of the recipients needs. 

Therefore we also hope to promote this development program, and we'll invite other organizations to include it in their own activities and materials.

We hope to acquire the resources needed to facilitate and support the evaluation and implementation of these "best practices", by providing free information, counseling, and other support to organizations that seek to adopt some of our "best practices" in their own communities.

Let's Help Each Other
If your organization or agency is concerned about community development, affordable housing, or housing-related social services ... and you can contribute to, or use, "Best Practices of Affordable Housing Infill Development", or otherwise participate in our activities, please let us know. Please click here to go to the Contact HOPz Page.

More directly, please call Jay Wolfkind at (732) 530-9601, extension 11, or click here to send Jay Wolfkind an email.

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