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 How HOPz Can Help You

Housing Opportunity Programs® invites your inquiries as to how WE can help YOU.

Here's how we can help you if you are a:

Community or Municipal Leader

Charity or Non-Profit Organization

Private Property Owner

Bank or Lender

Family in Need of Housing

If You Are a Community / Municipal Leader
HOPz's activities in your community are entirely beneficial. We reduce the number of board-ups, and reduce the number of properties attracting vandals and vermin. Our properties are well maintained. HOPz is a good corporate citizen, a responsible landowner, and a quality renovator.

Meet Affordable Housing Goals
HOPz's activity in your community will help your municipality meet its legislative and moral objectives with regard to providing affordable housing.

Free Community Survey
HOPz will conduct a survey of a neighborhood or municipality at the request of the local government, identifying and qualifying properties that are candidates for a HOPz recovery. This is not a "field" survey, but rather a compilation of a variety of data sources (utility records, foreclosure and tax lien records, Health and Building Dept violation records, etc.) that cumulatively will identify many non-performing properties that are candidates for acquisition and renovation.

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Partner with your local provider
We recognize the effectiveness and efficiencies of working with local, established affordable housing providers. If a municipal government identifies one or more organizations that have established working relationships within that community, HOPz will direct our renovated properties for transfer to them. This ensures the municipality that these properties will be managed responsibly and in accordance with local policies.

HOPz-Operated Properties Pay Taxes
If a municipality identifies one or more specific properties for HOPz, and we agree to retain ownership of the property after the renovation (as opposed to transferring it to another non-profit), then HOPz may enter an agreement with that municipality to make PILOT payments, upon completion of renovation and issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy. (PILOT = Payment In Lieu Of Taxes)

HOPz cannot make this same promise (PILOTs) for other non-profit organizations that may take title to a property after HOPz, it only applies to situations where a municipality actively brought to our attention a property, and an advance written agreement is entered relative to HOPz retaining ownership and making PILOTs.

Even in those situations where a particular property becomes tax exempt, our renovation activities not only improve the quality of life and create more affordable housing, but the tax base is stabilized, if not expanded, as a result of the increased value and viability of the other properties.

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Charity or Not-For-Profit
HOPz's activities support other social service providers. We are not competitive with local charities; our only objective is to provide low-density, quality affordable housing from dilapidated non-performing properties. Once we have a C.O., we transfer the property as soon as possible to more established local housing providers or social service organizations. We then move on to other properties or other communities.

Provide "turn-key" housing for your Clientele
In this spirit, HOPz's activities will produce new housing resources that your organization can provide to your local community and constituency. HOPz has an extensive construction capability beyond the scope of most social service organizations, and this capability is at your disposal.

Rehab properties you already own
We welcome your inquiries for us to renovate properties you already own, using your existing budget, or jointly applying for new grant money targeted to a specific property on behalf of your organization.

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If You Need Housing
If your family is in need of safe, affordable housing, HOPz can refer you to agencies and organizations eager to help. HOPz is not a housing provider, we are not a government agency, and we do not decide who is eligible for assistance. We work closely with public and private agencies and organizations that may be able to help you. HOPz is non-denominational, non-partisan, and non-judgmental.

Click here to go to the NJ Serves web site. A search for "housing" will return almost 400 agencies offering housing assistance in New Jersey.

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If You Are a Private Property Owner
If you own or control properties in need of extensive renovation, HOPz can help you turn them from a liability into cash and a tax deduction very quickly, while offering you the additional satisfaction of knowing you've contributed to your community. If you have a favorite charity, it can be designated as the eventual recipient of your property.

If you received a "Donation Letter" from us, that's because public records indicate you are associated with a piece of property that is in distress physically or financially. We hope you'll consider donating it to a good cause, to provide affordable housing after we fix it up. You'll receive a tax deduction, perhaps some cash, plus the satisfaction of knowing you've done a wonderful thing.

End Your Liability
HOPz is an experienced property manager. We can accept "as is" title to virtually any property, ending your management, maintenance and tax responsibilities. HOPz can accept properties burdened by mortgages, tax liens, judgments, and most other legal and environmental encumbrances.

If you'd like to discuss a specific property, in complete confidence and with absolutely no obligation, please call Jay Wolfkind at (732) 530-9601, extension 11 or click here to send an email to Jay Wolfkind.

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If You Are a Bank or Lender
If your financial institution owns non-performing mortgages or judgments on "problem" properties, HOPz can offer you a combination of cash and tax deductions that together may exceed the otherwise "as is" value of your lien.

Your REO may be worth more in cash and tax deductions than you might otherwise sell the properties for, and avoid the uncertainty and expense of marketing and closing.

Goodwill & CRA Credits
When your financial institution transfers mortgages or REO to HOPz, you'll receive recognition and good will within the community, plus:

Donations to Housing Opportunity Programs, Inc. may be qualified for credit against your Community Reinvestment Act (“CRA”) obligations, because over 75% of our work is concentrated in Census Tracts identified by the U.S. Census Bureau as “low to moderate income”, with benefits accruing to individuals (in those Census Tracts) who are themselves “low to moderate income”. We'll be happy to provide written affirmation prior to your planned contribution.

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For more information, please contact
Charlotte Cohen at (732) 530-9601, extension 14, or click here to send Charlotte Cohen an email.

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