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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page

Here are some of the Questions we are most Frequently Asked:

Does HOPz give finished properties to other charities?
In order to create the resources necessary to establish a self-funding, and expanding, housing renovation program, we sell to public and private social service organizations properties that we have renovated. The price is very flexible, ranging from fair market value all the way down to out right gifts. A property is gifted to another organization in accordance with the wishes of whomever provided HOPz with the property originally, or funded its rehabilitation.

Is HOPz a charity?

We are a not-for-profit corporation, recognized by the IRS under section 509(a)(1), which is similar to 501(c)(3). Our purpose is to increase the availability of low-density affordable housing by renovating dilapidated 1 to 4-family houses in New Jersey. We're not a "charity" in the sense that we do not directly provide services to those in need, nor are our activities provided gratuitously. However the reason we exist is to help New Jersey's communities socially and financially, while at the same time helping needy families by increasing the availability of safe, low density affordable housing.

How much money goes to HOPz overhead or fund raising?
Virtually none. HOPz does not pay for office space, nor do we pay any salaries or compensation of any kind. We do not hire professional fund raisers, and (currently) we write our own Grant Proposals.
Our members donate all the resources we need, allowing us to focus essentially all of our funding directly to our mission. Even this web site was developed at no cost to HOPz, and its ongoing cost is donated (by Cherokee Solutions, Charlotte Cohen's information technology company).

As we grow, we anticipate the need to pay certain professionals (i.e. accountants, lawyers, professional grant writers, and property managers). However, even then we anticipate over 90% of our funding will flow directly to the people we're hoping to help.

How is "HOPz" pronounced?
Like the plural of hope: hopes. (hop-z)

What does the "z" in HOPz stand for?
It's intended to make our name more distinctive, and create a phonic s. The name of our organization is Housing Opportunity Programs, Inc.

Is HOPz affiliated with a particular religious or government organization?
No. HOPz is non-denominational, and not associated with any specific charity, program, government organization, or community. We seek co-operation with all other recognized not-for-profit organizations or programs that can help us achieve our objectives, either by providing resources or support, or purchasing the renovated housing we produce.

What does "Non-Performing Property" mean?
We use the term "Non-Performing Property", or a "NPP", in both the financial and social sense. In the financial sense, we define Non-Performing Property as a parcel of real estate that is not meeting its financial obligations. This may mean the owner is not paying the mortgage or property taxes, and/or not performing normal maintenance or repairs. In the social sense, we define a property as "non-performing" if it is negatively affecting the value of surrounding properties or the community. For example, even if the owners of a property were paying their taxes and any mortgage, and even mowing the grass, a property might be vacant and boarded-up. The presence of such a property usually stigmatizes the neighborhood, and makes the adjacent properties less desirable, and less valuable.

This use of the term Non-Performing Property is distinguished from the bank/lender use of the term "Non Performing Loan" which generally means a loan that is delinquent on its payments by at least 60 days. HOPz seeks to acquire Non Performing Loans from their owners (the mortgagees) so that we may acquire and renovate the collateral property, which we then transfer to other non-profit organizations for use as affordable housing.

Where does HOPz operate?
Throughout New Jersey, in both rural and urban areas, wherever dilapidated housing can be rehabilitated into desirable, affordable homes.

Are gifts to HOPz tax deductible?
Yes, to the extent that the gift is deductible to any recognized charitable organization. Housing Opportunity Programs has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as an exempt organization under the IRS Code, Section 509(a)(1). This is similar to (and a subset of) the more common 501(c)(3).  A 509(a)(1) generates some revenue from the sale of things (in our case, renovated properties), a 501(c)(3) gets virtually all it's revenue from the public. Non-cash donations may require a formal appraisal to establish value, and HOPz will usually pay for these appraisals. Please consult your accountant or other tax advisors.

What is HOPz's Corporate Information?
Housing Opportunity Programs, Inc. is a New Jersey corporation. The President is Charlotte Cohen, 333 Broad Street, Red Bank, NJ 08801. The Registered Agent is Ellen C. Steinberg, Esq., 2204 Morris Avenue, Union, NJ 07083. Our EIN (Employer Identification Number), also known as a Federal Identification Number, is 47-084-6898. Our New Jersey Business Identification Number is 0100-8326-61.

What kinds of contributions does HOPz accept?
We welcome almost anything of value, from real estate to cash. We can also accept mortgages and property tax sale certificates. We will provide a Donation Valuation Letter for the redemption value of your real estate or lien. We also accept, and will pick up, new or used construction materials, used cars, new or used construction equipment, trade services (like plumbers or electricians), as well as gifts of money.

Will HOPz renovate properties that are owned by other organizations?
Yes, if it is owned by a recognized not-for-profit or government organization, if renovation funding is available, and if the resulting property meets our objectives of saving dilapidated properties while providing more low density, affordable housing in New Jersey.

Is there a brochure or literature describing Housing Opportunity Programs?
Yes (soon). We're in the process of completing several versions of a "Corporate Brochure", that will describe the Needs we hope to meet, and How, Who we are, Where we operate, illustrate our success stories, and more. These brochures will be available for immediate viewing and download from our Downloads Page (click here to go to this page now), or we'll be happy to mail them to you.

If you would like one or more copies of our color brochure sent to you (or someone else) by regular USPS mail, please click here and fill out the form. (This link will be functional soon. It will launch a "Form" page that you'll be asked to fill out. It will automatically send us an email, to which we'll respond.)

Do you have a question not answered here?
If you have a question that was not completely answered, we welcome your inquiry. Please click here to go to our "Contact" Page, which tells you how to ask questions or otherwise contact us by e-mail, fax or telephone.

This web site is still under renovation. A few pages are still "Works In Progress", and our Corporate Brochure is not yet done. Thank you for your patience while we make this web site as useful as the properties we recover.

For more information, please contact
Jay Wolfkind at (732) 530-9601, extension 14, or click here to send Jay Wolfkind an email.
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